Plan your jungle holiday activities at Kanha

Wildlife / Tiger Safari: Tourists visit Kanha for Tiger Safari in open Gypsy. We arrange wildlife safaris for our guests including online safari booking through MP Online portal, vehicles booking as well as plan your safaris in such a way so as to enable you to enjoy your tour to Kanha Kisili to its best.

Elephant Safari

Kanha offers ride on elephant back for tourists who want to track Tigers as well as see and feel Kanha’s forest up close. Elephant safari or joy ride as it is called can be a good option if you want to explore the jungle deep. Earlier Kanha used to have ‘Tiger shows’ – Spotting tiger on elephant back but this has been discontinued for till further notice.

Jungle walk

Visit to any forest area is complete only if you take Jungle walk in forest designated nature trails or in buffer forest around the resort. These walks are not only enjoyable but also educative and give you a chance to see and understand flora and fauna of Kanha national park in a much better way.

Bird watching

With 259 known bird species, Kanha forests are one of the best destination in central India to do birding. We arrange guide / naturalist who will take you around in buffer and core area to watch the flying beauties.

Wildlife Photography

Someone said – “One good photograph is worth more than 1000 words”. How true, one good photograph will keep your memory fresh always and others who see it will be encouraged to save our wildlife. We arrange wildlife photography tours to Kanha national park and its surroundings.

Tribal Village visit

Want to understand how our tribal friends used to live, their traditions and living style. You can take a walk to nearby tribal hamlet to see their culture and living traditions. On Wednesday’s we have a local market at village Mocha which can also be visited.

Tribal Dance

Dance and music have always been intricately woven in all cultures. Central Indian tribes have their own dance and music system developed well over thousands of years. Dancing to the tune of age old traditional music and rhythm is an experience in its own which should not be missed.


Nature is the best healer in the world. Come sit in the lap of Mother Nature with trees, fresh air and water. Kanha has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country and is perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.A yoga meditation Guru can be arranged for you on payment of small charges.

Heritage Tour

Mandla as a district has rich archeological history and has some beautiful temples, forts and garhis worth visiting. You can plan a tour to these places along with a dip in holy river Narmada.