Flora and Fauna of Kanha

Flora and Fauna of Kanha

Kanha National Park is well known for its free roaming wildlife and undisturbed forests. It is visited by tourists from all over the world and has been centre point of many researches. Be it bringing back Hard ground swamp deer’s from brink of extinction to reintroduction of Tigers, Gaur and Black buck in the wild Kanha has always been in the fore front.  It was one of those forests where management worked hard in saving the biodiversity and even local residents sacrificed by shifting out from the core area which is the reason behind its growth and stability as a tiger breading ground. Flora and Fauna of Kanha national park are second to none and you can enjoy your holiday to Kanhaspotting kanha's wildlife.

Flora of Kanha: With predominantly Sal (Shorea robusta) and Bamboo forests kanha landscape has a number of flowering plants (900+). Some prominent trees found here include Sal, Mahua, Saja, Tendu, Haldu, Teak, Mango, Neem, Tamarind, Ghost tree, Aaonla, Palash – also known as Flame of the forest, Banyan, Gular, etc., Species of grass, shrubs, bushes and trees found here also include many which have medicinal properties. Kanha is primarily Sal and Bamboo forest and remains green almost the whole year round. Due to good water bodies and rivers passing through it aquatic plants are also found in numbers. A check list of plants, trees, shrubs, bushes and grasses found in kanha national park can be made available if required.

Fauna of Kanha: With Tiger and Barasingha being the most famous once Kanha is home to 22 known species of mammals including leopard, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wolf, Hyena, Porcupine, Spotted deer, Sambhar deer, Blue bull, Gaur, Barking deer, Chinkara, Black buck, etc. Bird lovers come here to spot our colorful flying friends like Paradise flycatcher, Pita, Hornbill, Oriole, owlets, Brown fish owl, Green bee-eater, Peacock, Quail, pigeons, Doves, drongo, parakeets, vultures, Herons, Night jar and many other species.

Kanha national park is known to have 117 species of butterflies, many insects, reptiles and other ingredients of bio-diversity which makes it one of the hotspot to enjoy the Gods creations.

Birding at Kanha: Kanha forest landscape is famous for wildlife but is excellent for birders also. With 259 known species of birds birding enthusiasts and bird photographers from all over the world come to Kanha in different seasons to watch these colourful flying wonders. Kanha is best visited for bird watching in winters when lots of migratory birds arrive from cold areas. Again in March / April when fig, Mahua and other local plants and trees are in bloom / fruiting stage which attracts many local birds back who had migrated to warmer areas in winters. Do not forget to bring your binoculars and a good bird guide of central India to enjoy your birding tour to its best.

Note: We also have a check list of birds of kanha national park which can be provided on request.